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Casual reception – cold and hot buffets

Host a casual reception with a tasty cold or hot buffet. For your personal touch, add À la carte dishes to your menu.

All meals in the Casual reception – cold and hot buffets are served in disposable dishes. Prices are per person. Applicable sales tax and service charge are not included.


Cold Buffet
Deluxe Cold Buffet
  Sandwiches on croissants, Kaiser buns and wraps : egg salad, ham and cheese, chicken salad    
  Celery and carrot sticks, dip    
  Olives and pickles    
  Three salads: broccoli, red potato, fusilli    
  Mild St-Albert cheese    
  Cakes and pastries    
  Tea and coffee    
20 to 199 people 200 people and more      
$ 16.45 $ 16.00      
Hot Buffet
Cold items
  Macaroni salad    
  Potato salad    
Main course dishes - 3 selections:
  Turkey pie    
  Chicken à la king    
  Sweet meat balls    
  Meat balls and gravy    
  Glazed toupee ham    
  Baked beans    
Side dishes
  Mashed potatoes or rice    
  Diced vegetables    
  Mild St-Albert cheese    
  Celery and carrots sticks, dip    
  Olives and pickles    
  Bread and butter    
Dessert - one selection:
  Chocolate cake and white cake    
  Homemade style pastries    
  Tea and coffee    
  50 to 75 people 76 people and more
  The prices are per person   ...  $22.50 $21.50
À la carte - dishes to be added to a cold or hot buffet
Hot items

Each platter serves approximately 15 people as a side dish

  Beef bourguignon   ...  $45.00
  Sweet meat balls 3/pers.  ...  $42.00
  Chili   ...  $45.00
  Baked beans   ...  $25.00
  Hot ham   ...  $35.00
  Lasagna   ...  $33.50
  Macaroni and meat sauce   ...  $22.50
  Turkey pie   ...  $38.50
  Chicken pie   ...  $41.00
  Mashed potatoes   ...  $20.00
  Chiken à la King   ...  $42.00
  Meat balls and gravy 3/pers.  ...  $42.00
  Rice pilaf   ...  $20.00
  Meat pie (for 6 people as a side dish)   ...  $8.50
  Vegetables   ...  $25.00

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