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Wedding, gala and grand occasion

Your special day deserves a meal suited to the occasion. Treat your guests to a splendid and memorable dinner! Choose between our Table d'hôte menus or our famous Hip of beef buffet.

All meals in the Wedding, gala and grand occasion section are served on porcelain dishes. Prices are per person. Applicable sales tax and service charge are not included. 

Table d’hôte

Create your table d’hôte menu and offer your guests three or four services: one or two appetizers, the main course and dessert.

Cold appetizers
  Garden salad    
Lettuce, fresh veggies and dressing      
  Cesar salad   ...  $2.50

Romaine lettuce, mozzarella, croutons and smoked maple bacon 

  Arugula salad   ...  $3.00

roasted pumpkin seeds, goat cheese, raspberry and balsamic vinaigrette

  Mesclun salad with raspberry vinaigrette and duck confit   ...  $4.00
Hot appetizers
  Minestrome soup   ...  $3.00
  Vegetable consommé   ...  $3.00
  Potato and leek soup   ...  $3.50
  Butternut squash and apple soup   ...  $3.50
  Carrots and ginger soup   ...  $3.50
Main course
  80 – 119 persons 120 persons +


  Chicken Filet with Honey Garlic Sauce   ...  $23.95 $22.95
  Chicken Supreme with Grilled Mushrooms and Mushroom Cream Sauce   ...  $24.95 $23.95
  Maple Glazed Chicken Supreme   ...  $25.95 $24.95

with balsamic reduction

  Chicken Brochette on Rice Pilaf   ...  $25.95 $24.95

Chicken breast chunks, peppers and onions, all marinated and grilled, served with garlic and honey sauce

  Chicken Cordon Bleu   ...  $25.95 $24.95

Chicken breast, stuffed with ham and cheese then oven cooked

  Florentine Chicken Supreme   ...  $25.95 $24.95

Suprême stuffed with spinach and Oka cheese, served with basilic and roasted sauce



  Rib Roast au jus   ...  $32.50 $31.95

250-300 g

  Chateaubriand   ...  $35.95 $34.95

Oven roasted Canada AAA beef tenderloin, served with bordelaise or mushroom sauce



  Pork loin - Granny Smith apple sauce and ice wine   ...  $25.95 $24.95
  Pork Tenderloin with Maple and Balsamic Reduction   ...  $26.95 $25.95
  Pork Tenderloin stuffed with Bacon & Cheese   ...  $27.95 $26.95

other stuffing choices available on request



  Duck Confit   ...  $28.95 $27.95

from Mariposa Farm with blueberry sauce



  Veal Scallopini   ...  $28.95 $27.95

Marsala wine sauce



  Maple Glazed Salmon   ...  $26.95 $25.95
Vegetables, potatoes and rice
  Buttered carrots    
  Mixed root vegetables    
  Vegetable bouquetière   ...  $1.50
Brocoli, carrots or other seasonal vegetables      
  Other choices available upon request    
  Rice pilaf    
  Rice 7-grain    
  Vapor cooked potatoes and parley    
  Baked potato and sour cream   ...  $1.00
  Rosemary roasted potatoes   ...  $1.00
  Roasted potatoes   ...  $1.50

with herbs, onions and peppers

  Dauphinoise potatoes   ...  $2.00
  Buns and butter    

Our chef's inspired dessert or the cut and service of your cake are offered at no extra charge

  Carrot Cake and Cheese Frosting    
  Black Forest Cake    
  Strawberry Shortcake   ...  $1.00

June to August

  Cheese cake with maple berries   ...  $3.00
  Triple Chocolate Mousse with a Fruit Coulis   ...  $3.00
  Lemon Tart   ...  $3.50

with sable tart and Swiss meringue

  Maple Mousse   ...  $3.50
  Fraisier and Summer Filling   ...  $3.50

(June to August)

  Chocolate Mousse with Pirouline   ...  $3.50
  Raspberry Dacquoise and fresh cream   ...  $3.50
  Seasonal flavored crème brulée   ...  $3.50
  Black Magic Chocolate Marianne   ...  $4.00

with chocolate fudge surrounded with belgian chocolate shavings

Tea, coffee, herbal tea
Vegetarian option
  Curry Tofu with Vegetable & Rice    
  Vegetable Kebab and Haloumi Cheese    
  Maple and Balsamic Tempeh    
  *Other options available on request    

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